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I am proud to be involved with THORNE. Having been in the supplement industry for over 20 years, I can assure you that you will be getting the highest quality product, third-party tested, and NSF for sport. Also, these products are only available through Health Care Practitioners such as myself, or your doctor’s office.

For further information on how these products may help with different aspects of your program please contact me at Formulaonehealth.com. These are the products I personally use in my daily routine.


THORNE Amino Complex<br />


THORNE – Amino complex

Optimize your workout results and build the lean muscle mass that boosts strength.* The Amino Complex formula also enhances cellular energy production.*

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They fuel muscle gain and other physiological functions, including enzyme production, hormone regulation, cognitive ability, neurotransmitter balance, metabolism, and energy production.* As we age, we lose muscle mass, which can cause other health issues, so it is important to promote the growth of lean muscle mass.*

Of the 20 amino acids in total, nine are classified as essential amino acids (EAAs), those the body cannot produce itself. Therefore, they must be consumed through diet and supplementation to support the body’s internal production of energy.*

Thorne’s Amino Complex is a comprehensive blend of essential amino acids, which is high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) – a group of amino acids validated through clinical trials to promote the growth of lean muscle mass and enhance muscle strength.*

EAAs benefit the body in multiple ways:

  • • Support muscle repair and recovery*
  • • Reduce muscle soreness*
  • • Increase energy production*
  • • Promote healthy blood sugar*
  • • Support cardiovascular health*
  • • Strengthen connective tissue*


Amino Complex’s formula supports sports, fitness, and training-related activities.* Additionally, it promotes the growth of muscle mass in individuals who need to preserve muscle mass, including the elderly.*

ORAL SSH (solid state hydrogen) Tablets
ORAL SSH (solid state hydrogen) Tablets

Axiom H2 Hydrogen Tablets and Generators

This is a great company to be a part of and the team behind it. Welcome to the next level of Wellness.
Currently being used in top Wellness facilities in Costa Rica, Canada and Texas

Bodyguard your cells against disease

When it comes to dealing with diseases, hydrogen therapy acts like a protector. It fights against something called free radicals and reduces stress in your body. These free radicals can cause health problems, but hydrogen therapy helps keep them in check. So, it’s like having a bodyguard for your health.

Superhero for your Skin

You know how we all want to look and feel younger? Well, hydrogen therapy might help with that too. It’s kind of like a superhero for your skin and tissues because it fights off things that make you look older, like damaged skin and tissues. So, it can make you appear more youthful.

Unlock your Secret Athletic Potential

 Molecular hydrogen therapy can be like a secret weapon for athletes. It’s like giving your body a shield against two things that make you feel tired and sore after exercise: oxidative stress and inflammation. When you use hydrogen therapy, it helps reduce these problems. So, you can exercise for longer without getting as tired and recover faster after you’re done.

“A Novel Option in Human Disease Treatment”


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Plant Fusion

Plant Fusion

A Fusion of Premium Ingredients and Amazing Taste

There’s a reason why most protein shakes look and taste the same. Most of them are all made the same way, using the same ingredients.

When we started PlantFusion, we made a choice to use better ingredients like yellow peas from northern hills of France and better flavors like vanilla bean from Madagascar.

It turns out that these choices mattered because people noticed the difference. We continue to search the world for better ingredient choices that you will not find in any other product.


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plant fusion protein containers
plant fusion protein containers


Plant Fusion


3 in 1 Mushroom Complex

The first combination mushroom protein powder that promotes a “feel good” calm and clarity while supporting overall recovery. Our powerful 2000mg functional mushroom blend is made up of 10 different mushrooms to include turkey tail and reishi, along with powerful adaptogens ashwagandha turmeric and tulsi, making this world’s first total mind and body protein powder.

Sustain Energy, Build and Repair

Complete Protein features 18 grams of high-density organic plant-based protein from pea, amaranth and quinoa providing a complete amino acid profile for maximum uptake

 Brain Booster + Protein

Contains mushroom species lion’s mane and cordyceps to support brain health while adaptogens, holy basil, gingko biloba, along with green tea and the amino acid l-theanine have long been associated with improved cognition and focus. All of these are then blended in a complete vegan protein powder that features 18 grams of high-density organic plant-based protein from pea, amaranth and quinoa providing a complete amino acid profile for maximum uptake.

 Immune Support

Each scoop of our mushroom protein has a special blend of immune supporting Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane Mycelial Biomas and Fruit Bodies, rich inBeta Glucan!

Digestive Enzyme Blend

Maltase, Lipase and Bromelain are known to help breakdown and digest protein, starch and fats.

The Best Mushrooms Supplements

Each scoop of our mushroom protein has a special blend of 10 different species of mushroom sourced from both mycelium biomass plus mushroom fruiting bodies. The mushrooms are processed without any harsh solvents or high heat to ensure that the beta glucans are not damaged or destroyed.

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