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I met Charlie at the gym and he has been an inspiration to me. At his age to be in such awesome health is incredible. He is a wealth of information about nutrition and exercise and has given me a great deal of advise and help with my diet and exercise just because he genuinely cares. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in becoming really healthy.

I was a first time person using a Personal Trainer and Charles was who I worked with. I am 70 years old, and did not have much knowledge on how to properly use the equipment. Charles was very patient and not only showed me how to use the equipment correctly, he also designed a program that I was able to do. After working with him for many months, my strength and endurance was quite amazing. I have never felt this great in a long time, and I owe Charles so much appreciation for the great help and education he gave me.

I wanted to take the time to drop you a line. I appreciate you helping me reach some of my goals over the last few months. You did a good job of keeping me informed and motivated. A lot of the advice you gave me about nutrition is invaluable. As you know, I had a prescription for steroids that put about 9 lbs on me in 9 days. I know that your advice is the reason I lost it all back so quickly. I would’ve liked to have met with you a little more in person but due to me traveling a lot that didn’t happen. After continuing to follow your advice and guidance, I have lost the rest of the weight and I owe that all to you my friend. It took a few more months, but persistence and your guidance was the key to success.

I want to thank Charles for his information and helping me get off 4 of my medications. With his knowledge and patience, I have never felt better and even my doctor was surprised with my last check-up. He was so great to work with and gave me invaluable tips on my workouts and form with exercises. His knowledge on nutrition is really what made this possible. By changing a few things, I realized that I could do this and really make the change I needed. Thank you again!

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